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Hailee Steinfeld set to star in Dead of Winter

Hailee Steinfeld is to star in new survival thriller Dead Of Winter. The 15-year-old Oscar nominee will play a teenager whose family bonding trip goes horribly wrong in the film, Variety reported.

Hailee’s character joins her father and new stepmother in a remote cabin in the woods in a bid to improve their relationship. But when a dangerous fugitive posing as a park ranger arrives on the scene, the trio are forced to put aside their differences in the fight for survival.

Music video and commercials director Anthony Mandler will be behind the camera of the film, written by Sarah Conradt. Producers are hoping to begin filming in early 2013 and casting for the other roles is yet to be announced. Mandler has previously directed music videos for Rihanna, Jay-Z and Eminem.

Source: The Press Association

Hailee attends a private party in Brentwood

Hailee Steinfeld was seen emerging from a private function yesterday called Day Of Indulgence – where celebrities are invited to take home freebies. Paparazzi had took her some photos and I added them to the photo gallery, so be sure to check them out! For the occasion, she wore white cutoffs, large shades and a fuchsia blouse. She looked pretty, didn’t she?

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Out & About — leaving a private party in Brentwood, August 12

Hailee at ELLE’s 17th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute

Yesterday Jen was seen out and about walking with friends in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. After having breakfast with friends, she was also photographed leaving a Denny’s Restaurant. FYI: Denny’s, dubbed “America’s Diner”, is known for it’s gut-busting breakfast and buffets for cheap.

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Out & About — out with friends in Santa Monica, June 13

Enjoy the pictures of Jennifer having fun with her friends in Santa Monica!

Grand opening of the site: Welcome to Hailee-Steinfeld.com!

Jennifer Lawrence keeps it super cute in a white romper, her favorite bowler hat, fashionable leather jacket and an American Indian-style shoulder bag as she steps out with a couple of friends on Sunday (June 17) in Santa Monica, Calif. The 21-year-old star of The Hunger Games caught an afternoon movie with two friends. Enjoy the pics in our photo gallery!

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Out & About — in Santa Monica, June 17

The 21-year-old star of The Hunger Games caught an afternoon movie with two friends. Enjoy the pics in our photo gallery!

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