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Hailee Steinfeld: ‘I feel really confident just being me’

She’s only 16 and was nominated for an Oscar at 14, but Hollywood Starlet, Hailee Steinfeld, has maturity beyond her years. Speaking exclusively to Company Magazine she states:

“For teenagers – and I mainly speak for myself on this one – you’re put into this adult world and it’s scary as anything can happen at any moment, but I’m just thankful my parents have raised me the way they have. I feel really confident just being me. I think a lot of the young actresses out there are the same – they’ve got really good backgrounds and families. We’re just doing what we love and we’re only doing it for that reason.”

“… right now, I can still go to my local movie theatre with my friends and I don’t get any hassle from anyone. In fact, I don’t get hassled anywhere I go.”

All that could be about to change as she’s set to play Juliet in a new screen adaption of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ released at the end of the month. Speaking about choosing Douglas Booth as her Romeo, she reveals it was all about the chemistry:

“I was a part of the casting process. This was only my second film after True Grit and I remember then that Jeff Bridges said they were anxious about who they were going to cast as the girl – and I never really understood why, until I went through the test process with Romeo and Juliet. You have so many talented people, but it’s all about finding the chemistry.”

“As well as the chemistry between us, he was passionate about the project and took it seriously.”

Opening up about being homeschooled, she admits it’s hard not being with her friends:

“I was getting to a point where things were starting to pick up for me and I was getting a little bit busier and the school wasn’t very supportive of that. It had to, at that point, be one or another. My parents looked into homeschooling – since dropping out of school is the last thing my parents would ever let me do. It’s hard because I’m not in school with my friends. But I’ve had events that have compensated for that.”

But, it’s her older brother Griffin who’s her best friend:

“… I’m a complete five-year-old when I’m with my friends. My brother [Griffin, who is a racing-car driver], is 19 and he’s my best friend – we always do stuff together and hang out with our friends, so I’ve always been around older kids. I mean, obviously, I can be very mature but, when I’m with my friends, I’m very much my 16-year-old self.

Commenting on her involvement in the fashion world, she confesses it’s still something she can’t understand:

“People ask me If I’ve always been into fashion and my immediate answer is, “yes”, but my way of being into fashion before all of this was going through a magazine and saying, “I love this dress,” and cutting it out and putting it up on my wall. But now, it’s like so, so crazy and on such a different level –and I have the honour of meeting all these incredible designers. Being the face of Miu Miu is something I still can’t comprehend. It was such an incredible experience and fashion has become such a huge part of me on a real level.”

The full interview appears in the August issue of Company Magazine, on sale 10th July.

Hailee will attend at Comic-Con

Hailee Steinfeld is going to attend at Comic-Con this year. “Ender’s Game” stars Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield and Abigail Breslin will also be there, along with director Gavin Hood, to debut new footage from their sci-fi movie. Stay tuned!

Hailee Steinfeld set to star in Dead of Winter

Hailee Steinfeld is to star in new survival thriller Dead Of Winter. The 15-year-old Oscar nominee will play a teenager whose family bonding trip goes horribly wrong in the film, Variety reported.

Hailee’s character joins her father and new stepmother in a remote cabin in the woods in a bid to improve their relationship. But when a dangerous fugitive posing as a park ranger arrives on the scene, the trio are forced to put aside their differences in the fight for survival.

Music video and commercials director Anthony Mandler will be behind the camera of the film, written by Sarah Conradt. Producers are hoping to begin filming in early 2013 and casting for the other roles is yet to be announced. Mandler has previously directed music videos for Rihanna, Jay-Z and Eminem.

Source: The Press Association

Hailee attends a private party in Brentwood

Hailee Steinfeld was seen emerging from a private function yesterday called Day Of Indulgence – where celebrities are invited to take home freebies. Paparazzi had took her some photos and I added them to the photo gallery, so be sure to check them out! For the occasion, she wore white cutoffs, large shades and a fuchsia blouse. She looked pretty, didn’t she?

Gallery link:

Out & About — leaving a private party in Brentwood, August 12

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