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KIIS FM Annual Jingle Ball

In addition to a yet ongoing but HUGE gallery update, I have uploaded pictures of Hailee’s attendance at the KIIS FM’s annual jingle ball!

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Hi guys i’m Laura. I am the brand new owner here at Hailee Steinfeld Source! I have one other Site on the web and its of the amazing Gracie Dzienny. To start off with i have given the site a brand new layout, as well as a gallery layout! Be sure to check them out as i love them! I have started to do a little updating with the gallery, i have added untagged photoshoot images of Hailee for Nylon Magazine. Make sure to check them out as she looks pretty as usual!

Met Ball 2014,Pitch Perfect 2 and more!

Hailee attended this year’s Met Ball and was named “Best Dressed” by many magazines and fashion sites!

She also announced on twitter April 30th that she was to play a role in the Barden Bellas.She is now filming and recording for that.

Updates for both of these will be up soon!

NYLON magazine cover!

Hailee has a lot of things coming up for her!
She recently tweeted out her NYLON magazine cover!She has got some gorgeous photoshoot pictures and so I have updated the gallery here  for you guys to see!



Hailee also attended the Hot Pink Party to raise awareness for Breast cancer.You can find pictures from the event here.