Hailee Steinfeld Source

New Owner

Hello everybody! I am the new owner of Hailee Steinfeld Source, I hope you like… I will update the gallery, stay tuned!!!!

New webmasters, new beginning!


Hey everyone! We’re Cristian and Tatiana and we’re the new owners of Hailee-Steinfeld.Com! We are so excited to be part of this amazing site now and we’re looking forward to giving you the latest news, photos and much more of Hailee! There’s still a few updates to make on the gallery and site so please bear with us. Thanks for visiting and we hope you come back daily! Also, be sure to follow us on:


Hailee-Steinfeld.com is fansite of the day in The Fan Carpet!

Hello everybody,

today I receive a message from The Fan Carpet that Hailee-Steinfeld.com was fansite of the day on Saturday, July 6, 2013. Now I am so happy because of this! The site is growing up and I want to keep it this way.
I have some problems with the pages and the gallery so expect them very soon!

Also the site is looking for affiliates – top and elite. If you are interested in affiliation with hailee-steinfeld.com, please send an email to admin@hailee-steinfeld.com and I will respond you to 24 hours.

Thank you!